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Pro Tips for Your Stair Workouts

Thanks to all your photos you’re sharing on Instagram, we’re aware many fitness enthusiasts use the Convention Center’s grand staircase (that’s 100 stairs!) as part of their workout routines. While we prefer you use a stair climber, if you do choose to use the stairs at the Convention Center, we want to make sure you’re doing it safely!

We’re pleased to welcome fitness expert Pete McCall as a guest blogger. He’s a certified trainer for the American Council on Exercise (ACE), and a representative for StarTrac fitness equipment, an exhibitor at the IHRSA 2014 conference in San Diego.

He volunteered to share his expert advice for your workouts!

Tips from a Pro

by Pete McCall

Even if strenuous exercise isn’t your thing, simply walking up the stairs from one side to the other can provide a low-intensity workout with views of both San Diego and the bayfront, including the famous San Diego-Coronado Bridge! But, if you’re up for the stair-running challenge, here’s part one of my workout plan.

Note: The warm-up below is highly recommended. So is a water bottle!

The Warm-up:

Place your right foot on the third or fourth step and leave your left foot on the ground-both feet pointing in the same direction. This will make your left leg straight. Keep your heel on the ground and raise both arms overhead to stretch your left hip, hold for 30 to 45 seconds and switch legs.

Place your right foot on the same step but point in the 12 o’clock position, keep your left foot on the ground facing the 9 o’clock position (this is a great stretch for the hip/inner thigh). Slowly lean forward into the right leg while pushing the left foot into the ground, hold for 30 to 45 seconds, and switch legs

WALK up every-other-step, exaggerating the stretch in the back leg, walk back down. Repeat three to four times.

Slowly jog up each step, and walk back down. Repeat three to four times. Once you’ve started sweating, it’s time to start the workout!

The Work Out (Moderate)

Alternate between running every step in one section and every-other-step in the next section, until you reach the top. Walk back down. Repeat four to six times.

For just ONE section of stairs:
Using both feet, jump every step (or every-other-step), then walk down. Repeat three to four times.

For the lower half of the stairs:
Run up every step, as fast as possible, then walk back down. Repeat three to five times.

Cool down

Lunge walk up the stairs skipping two to three steps, emphasize pulling yourself up with the forward leg, walk back down. Repeat two to four times.

Stretch your calves by repeating the first warm-up stretch, then walk back to your hotel or car!

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Posted by Barbara Moreno, on March 14, 2014
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Please get the word out!! Whoever is doing workouts on the stairs at the convention center and using chalk to count their steps needs to stop this is considered graffiti and the convention center has to wash it off every single time I was told by a maintenance person that they will close it to workouts if this continues so please spread the word so that these people don’t ruin it for others you can Count your stair workouts in your head with twigs on your phone etc. please don’t use Chalk! Thank you!!

Barbara Moreno's picture

Thank you for your comment and your concern. We are hoping to get some do's and don'ts for folks who want to work out in the area. There are already city ordinances that prohibit chalking and graffiti.

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