The San Diego Convention Center Corporation's core business is facilitating business, educational, social, cultural, and entertainment activities through several types of events, including convention and trade shows, consumer shows, conferences, community functions, meetings, seminars and performing arts.

The San Diego Convention Center Corporation is a California nonprofit public benefit corporation founded in 1984 by the City of San Diego. It is qualified under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and operates under an independent Board of Directors appointed by the San Diego City Council.

The Corporation looks to the local business community to supply goods and services to ensure the Corporation's purchasing needs are met. On an ongoing, as-needed basis, the San Diego Convention Center contracts for the following goods and services not all inclusive and in random order:

  • Services - HVAC, security, window cleaning, elevator and escalator maintenance, waste disposal, temporary employment, warehousing, records storage and disposal, printing, pest control, graphic design, payroll processing, IS support, uniform cleaning, banking, ATM, web site management hosting, medical, auditing.
  • Consulting - legal services, engineering, energy, architectural, feasibility studies, human resource, training, insurance, management.
  • Construction/Facility Rework/Improvements
  • Goods/Supplies - office, janitorial, filters, landscaping plants, plumbing, electrical, chemicals, paint, tools, propane, paper, first aid, light bulbs, computer supplies and components.
  • Other Goods/Services - uniforms, safety equipment, travel, auto parts, gardening equipment, janitorial equipment, environmental products, indoor and outdoor furniture, carpeting, PCs, servers, building materials, photocopiers, printers.

Equal Opportunity

The San Diego Convention Center Corporation fully supports the City of San Diego's Equal Opportunity Program, and encourages Disadvantaged (DBE), Minority (MBE) and Woman (WBE) Certified Business Enterprises to participate in all contracting opportunities.

Certification: To become certified as a DBE, MBE or WBE Business Enterprise, contact the City of San Diego Equal Opportunity Contracting Program (EOCP) at (619) 235-5785 or the State of California Department of Transportation (CalTrans) Business Enterprise Program at (866) 810-6346 for an application. For certification as a Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE), contact the Office of Small Business Resources at (800) 559-5529 and request a certification booklet. The Corporation does not certify suppliers but recognizes those issued by the City of San Diego, CalTrans, and the State of California General Services Office of Small Business Certification and Resources.

Successful Suppliers

To become a supplier who successfully contracts with the San Diego Convention Center Corporation:

  • become informed of opportunities via notification of the Bidders List (prequalified, existing suppliers) and submitting a proposal and/or quotation.
  • learn of opportunities from advertisements and this web site and submitting a proposal and/or quotation.
  • possess all the required professional licenses and insurance coverage
  • meeting selection criteria and qualification standards, demonstrating experience and best value based on price, quality, and schedule.

To start the prequalification process, please click here.

Official Corporate Partners of the San Diego Convention Center Corporation: