Temporary Shelter

Temporary Shelter

As part of our region’s response to COVID-19, the San Diego Convention Center will serve as a temporary shelter for our neighbors in need. The plan will create more space to serve people experiencing homelessness and allow for adequate physical distancing within current shelter facilities.

Please see the following City of San Diego press releases for more information:

March 24: Work Begins To Offer More Room For Homeless To Shelter

March 23: Preparations Underway to Open All of Golden Hall, Parts of Convention Center to Serve Homeless Individuals

Need Assistance?

If you need housing, food or other necessities, please contact 211 San Diego:

  • Online at 211sandiego.org
  • By phone: dial 2-1-1, or call 858.300.1211 or 800.227.0997

We will update this page with more information in the coming days.

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