When it comes to the latest technology, we have all the right connections. Smart City Networks is our exclusive technology provider and the nation's largest provider of facilities-based convention center technology services. All of the following services are provided from a convenient single source at the San Diego Convention Center.

  • Free light-use Wi-Fi in lobby areas and Tides Restaurant
  • Full facility Wi-Fi 802.11a/g/n/ac
  • Complete Telephone Services
  • High Speed Internet and other special data circuits
  • 10 Gigabit backbone
  • Temporary LAN/WAN/VPN networks
  • Point-to-point networking
  • Fiber connectivity with selected headquarters hotel
  • Wireless Services Guide
  • Wireless Interference Guide

For more information, or for questions about telephone, Internet, Networking and Event Technology Services, contact Donna Kacmarcik at 619-525-5510 or visit Smart City's website.

In addition to full service telephone services, Smart City Networks offers high speed Internet access using fast Ethernet protocols to all exhibit spaces and meeting rooms. Their network service professionals also offer turnkey data networking services that enable you to create Local Area Networks (LANs), Wide Area Networks (WANs) and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) all using the latest technology. Custom configurations are available so you need not hesitate to ask.

With Smart City Networks, each meeting room and exhibit hall can be networked with your selected hotel rooms or offices creating dedicated city-wide event networks that make the city an even smarter place to host an event. The unique event technology offers online services that will set your events apart from any other. You can create Internet broadcast of your events that can be seen worldwide, send video emails to promote your event, or you can set up customized Internet access and email centers for your attendees. We encourage you to be creative because Smart City Networks is dedicated to fulfilling your every technical need.

With a firm grasp of the fast-paced nature of the exhibition, convention and hospitality industry, Smart City Networks has a better understanding of exhibitors technology needs than any other company in our industry. Exhibitors can choose from a a complete package of telephone, Internet and data networking services all from a convenient single source. To place an order, visit Smart City's online service order form.

Free Wi-Fi for light use tasks that are not bandwidth intensive, such as reading email and browsing the Web, is available at the San Diego Convention Center throughout the ground-level lobby areas A-H and Tides Restaurant. For connection questions or issues please refer to the Wireless Interference Guide.

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