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Current Budget

Current Budget

The San Diego Convention Center Corporation operates on a fiscal year beginning July 1 and ending on June 30.

FY20 Board Approved Budget

Operating Revenues 
Building Rent$9,358,263
Co-Promoted Events60,000
Food & Beverage11,649,835
Event Services4,744,504
Audio & Visual1,352,738
Naming Rights/Sponsorship475,000
Interest & Other448,896
City of San Diego2,133,025
Total Operating Revenues$41,004,801


Operating Expenses 
Salaries & Wages - Full Time$13,961,391
Salaries & Wages - Part Time4,676,981
Fringe Benefits5,295,009
Total Personnel Expenses$23,933,381
General Expenses$3,484,616
Repair & Maintenance2,600,247
Contracted Services1,161,975
Travel & Transportation147,742
Sales & Marketing2,337,192
Total Supplies & Services$15,044,223
Total Operating Expenses$38,977,604


Net Operating Revenues / (Expenses)$2,027,197


Debt Service Expenses 
Interest Expense$891,362
Loan Admin Fee74,487
Total Debt Service Expenses$965,849


Non-Operating Revenues 
Capital Contributions - Centerplate$100,000
Capital Contributions - Smart City462,000
Total Non-Operating Revenues$562,000


Non-Operating Expenses 
Loss on Disposal of Fixed Assets100,000
Total Non-Operating Expenses$3,526,009


Net Revenues / (Expenses)-$1,902,661

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