Types of Purchasing

Types of Purchasing

The Corporation looks to the local business community to supply goods and services to ensure the Corporation's purchasing needs are met. On an ongoing, as-needed basis, the San Diego Convention Center contracts for the following goods and services (not all inclusive):

  • Services - HVAC, security, window cleaning, elevator and escalator maintenance, waste disposal, temporary employment, warehousing, records storage and disposal, printing, pest control, graphic design, payroll processing, IS support, uniform cleaning, banking, ATM, web site management hosting, medical, auditing.
  • Consulting - legal services, engineering, energy, architectural, feasibility studies, human resource, training, insurance, management.

Construction/Facility Rework/Improvements

  • Supplies - office, janitorial, filters, landscaping plants, plumbing, electrical, chemicals, paint, tools, propane, paper, first aide, light bulbs, computer supplies and components.
  • Other Goods/Services - uniforms, safety equipment, travel, auto parts, gardening equipment, janitorial equipment, environmental products, indoor and outdoor furniture, carpeting, PCs, servers, building materials, photocopiers, printers.

Official Corporate Partners of the San Diego Convention Center Corporation: