Meet the Team

Catering - Meet the Team


Gabriel "Bobby" Ramirez

General Manager Food & Beverage, Centerplate

(619) 525-5281 | Email

Dorianne Mormann

Director of Catering, Centerplate

(619) 525-5819

Daryl O'Donnell

Executive Chef, Centerplate

Maria Soto

Director of Food and Beverage Operations, Centerplate

(619) 525-5808 | Email

Tiffany Altman

Catering Sales Manager, Centerplate

(619) 525-5671 | Email

Sufi Karaien

Senior Executive Sous Chef, Centerplate

Steve McGee

Executive Sous Chef, Centerplate

Khalifa Garnaj

Executive Sous Chef, Centerplate

Mary Forney

Exhibitor Catering Sales Manager, Centerplate

(619) 525-5818 | Email

Andre Wade

Senior Banquet Manager, Centerplate

(619) 525-5938 | Email

Lori Love

Catering Sales Manager, Centerplate

(619) 525-5905 | Email

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