Smart City Networks Improves Cellular Coverage at San Diego Convention Center

Smart City Networks Improves Cellular Coverage at San Diego Convention Center

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New digital antenna system installed expands cellular service coverage, capacity

Smart City Networks, the nation’s leading telecommunications provider for the convention industry, has announced completion of a new distributed antenna system (DAS) that is designed to exponentially expand the cellular service coverage and capacity at the San Diego Convention Center.

"This new system is going to make a noticeable difference for everyone who attends an event or convention at the San Diego Convention Center," said Julia Slocombe, Vice President of Western Region Operations for Smart City Networks. "This was a massive upgrade, but it reiterates our commitment to deliver exceptional experiences through technology and San Diego’s commitment to be one of the leading meeting and convention destinations in the world."

The installation of the DAS system, which was completed this month, involved plotting and installing hundreds of miniature antennas at secure points throughout the convention center that connect to the networks of different cellular carriers, which include AT&T and T-Mobile. The DAS reduces gaps in coverage created by steel or concrete pillars, isolated niches, and other architectural features that disrupt the signal between the phone and the devices receiving the messages. The result is the elimination of dead spots and improved reliability of the network.

"We are excited to offer our guests and customers yet another amenity to continue to make our facility the region's premier gathering place," said San Diego Convention Center Corporation President & CEO Clifford "Rip" Rippetoe, CFE. "The DAS will amplify mobile broadband coverage throughout the facility, eliminate dead spots, improve reliability in areas with heavy demand and increase network capacity."

As part of the DAS improvements, Smart City also installed a two-way radio system throughout the convention center that allows communication anywhere in the facility.

"Not only does this improve the convention experience for the people who attend events at our facility, but we’ve been able to improve our own internal communications to provide a higher level of support to our clients," said Karen Totaro, Executive Vice President & General Manager of the San Diego Convention Center Corporation.

In total, the entire implementation took just over two years.

"This project wouldn't have been possible without the collaboration of everyone involved," said David Langford, Vice President of Technology for Smart City Networks. "We had to work hand-in-hand for two years to complete this – but everyone made it happen."

City Councilmember Ward applauded the enhancement to the center, citing is as one more amenity that makes San Diego as a conventions and meetings destination even more attractive.

"This convention center is able to bring about 900,000 visitors to San Diego every year to experience the wonders we have here as a city and as a region," said Councilmember Ward. "We certainly hope the upgrades we are celebrating here today will make it even more inviting to have people come and use this facility."

About San Diego Convention Center Corporation

The San Diego Convention Center is the region’s premiere gathering place, hosting conventions, trade shows and community events that economically benefit the City of San Diego and advances our convention and tourism industry. The San Diego Convention Center Corporation is a public benefit corporation created by the City of San Diego to exclusively manage, market and operate the 2.6 million sq. ft. waterfront facility.

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Founded over 30 years ago, Smart City Networks is the nation’s largest provider of event telecommunications and technology in the convention industry and the 19th largest employer in central Florida. Smart City Networks can provide wired and wireless Internet services, phone services and digital signage solutions at convention centers and meeting facilities of any size. Smart City Networks designs, installs and maintains data, voice, electrical and utility platforms, coupled with voice, video and data network engineering, security and monitoring. Providing technology services to over 3,000 conventions and meetings annually, Smart City Networks currently serves more than 39 convention and meeting facilities across the U.S., totaling over 17 million square feet of exhibit space. For more information about Smart City Networks, call 702-943-6000 or visit

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