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San Diego Convention Center Corporation Statement Regarding Group Fitness Activities

San Diego Convention Center Corporation Statement Regarding Group Fitness Activities

(San Diego, CA - May 6, 2015) For more than 25 years, the San Diego Convention Center has provided a world-class setting for organizations, associations and members of the San Diego community to meet and share ideas, experiences, and knowledge, and build lasting relationships. We are honored to provide space that allows so many to come together in a positive way.

Visitors and residents alike have long used the stairs, sidewalks and terraces of the facility for fitness activities. However, the convention center has experienced an increase in use of the facility by large group fitness events organized online drawing upwards to 50-75 participants at a time. Groups of this size impede egress and traffic on sidewalks surrounding entrances and exits of the facility as well as vehicular traffic on the front drive. Noise and sound complaints have increased as well from group activity disturbing client events inside the building. The results have negatively impacted operations of the facility and conflicted with other clients licensed to use the convention center.

To best meet the needs of all who use our facility, we must ensure that events within the building are not impeded by group fitness activities outside the building. Many groups who hold meetings in our facility also book open spaces that surround the convention center, including the convention center terraces.

Going forward, all group fitness activities consisting of six (6) or more people must sign a short-term license agreement with the San Diego Convention Center, and provide proof of minimum insurance coverage (by way of current certificate of insurance) as required by the Convention Center. For all interested parties, please contact Andy Mikschl,

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The San Diego Convention Center Corporation is a public benefit corporation created by the City of San Diego to exclusively manage, market and operate the 2.6 million sq. ft. waterfront facility.


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