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Donations Flow to Community through Convention Center Events

Cisco Live Attendee volunteers at the Social Impact Zone

When we talk about the "ripple effect" of the San Diego Convention Center, it's not just an economic one: it's a ripple of community giving. Major citywide conventions result in donations that benefit those in need throughout our region. 

That's thanks to the efforts of meeting planners who bring their citywide conventions to the San Diego region. They make the effort to connect with local non-profits, then offer opportunities to their attendees through volunteering and giving back to our city.

Meeting Planners

From Intern to Industry Pro: Meet Kendra Maclure

Kendra Maclure

At the San Diego Convention Center, we have the pleasure of witnessing life-changing moments all the time. It could be the announcement of a medical breakthrough that treats disease. Or, it could be the discovery of a new technology that protects our environment.

For Kendra Maclure, her life-changing moment was the launch of a successful career found by interning behind the scenes at the San Diego Convention Center with the Events Services Department and the Convention Services Department.

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