San Diego Convention Center's Chefs Accomplish Extraordinary Feats

Catering to thousands of guests is nothing new for the food and beverage team at the San Diego Convention Center, but the past several weeks were record-breaking for three of the venue's newest chefs.

The month of April was the busiest month Centerplate has had since 2016. Centerplate prepared more than 45,000 meals for a single event with more than 150,000 meals made for 11 different groups over the entire month.


San Diego Convention Center to Generate $1.2 Billion in Regional Impact in 2018

Medical meetings at the San Diego Convention Center will continue to drive attendance and economic benefits to San Diego this calendar year, resulting in an estimated $1.2 billion in regional impact.

The convention center's business forecast for the year, from January 1 through December, 31, 2018 shows a total of 108 events – 58 citywide conventions, known as primary events, and 50 secondary events - booked at the San Diego Convention Center. These events will bring 862,408 attendees to the facility: that's almost equal to the population of the city of San Francisco.

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