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"A Part of History”: Q & A with Cameren Anderson

Every day at the San Diego Convention Center, three shifts of Cleaning Services staff work hard to keep our building safe, clean and well-stocked for the benefit of everyone walking through our doors. As part of the Operation Shelter to Home effort to protect homeless individuals from the spread of COVID-19, they are recognized throughout the building for their hard work, can-do attitudes, and the advanced personal protective equipment, or PPE, they wear to complete their tasks.

Between Meetings

Virtual Backgrounds for Your Next Gathering

Spring has sprung and while we’re all staying home there’s no better time to do that spring cleaning. If you’re like me, spring cleaning tends to have a domino effect and organizing one space often means another becomes cluttered until you’ve worked your way through the entire house. For many of us, our homes are now doubling as our offices so we’re sharing more of them with our colleagues, friends and family during all those Zoom meetings. Did you mean to clean up that mess in the background before your meeting, or perhaps it was a last-minute request?

Between Meetings
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