Regional Impact

Regional Impact

The mission of the San Diego Convention Center Corporation is to generate significant economic benefits for the greater San Diego region by hosting international and national conventions and trade shows in our world-class facility. Since opening in 1989, the Convention Center has contributed approximately $18.2 billion to the regional economy making it one of San Diego’s most important economic engines.

Category FY 2015
Regional Impact $1.06 billion
Total Tax Revenues $22.1 million
Estimated Hotel Room Nights 690,588
Total Events 172
Conventions & Trade Shows 70
Local Events 102
Total Attendance 808,403
Out-of-town visitors 549,318
Local visitors 259,085

What is regional impact?

Regional impact is the total value of an event to the local economy including direct and indirect spending.

Beginning in Fiscal Year 2015, the San Diego Convention Center Corporation started using a more conservative multiplier to estimate regional impact from events at the facility. The revised Economic and Fiscal Revenue Analysis of San Diego Visitors conducted by CIC Research yielded an output multiplier of 1.69 in order to more accurately reflect the regional impact from direct attendee spending. The new multiplier has also been adopted by the San Diego Tourism Authority allowing for a consistent approach across the visitor industry of San Diego.