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Esri UC Cuts Plastics From Annual Conference at San Diego Convention Center

The Esri Users Conference (Esri UC) is the largest gathering of location intelligence users anywhere in the world – and out of all the places in the world, they meet right here at your San Diego Convention Center.

Esri creates mapping and spatial analytics technology that helps organizations all over the globe address challenges related to our changing world, including expanding populations, biodiversity loss, climate change, environmental pollution and continued urbanization. 

In line with the environmentally conscious thinking of the company, Esri’s Events Marketing team is putting the Esri UC and the Convention Center on the sustainability map thanks to a new milestone this year: a commitment to move towards using zero plastics for food and beverage options.

"Esri has a commitment to making the world a better place," said Michele Cole, head of events marketing at Esri. "From developing software that helps ensure resources are put to the best use, to helping companies be more profitable, we deeply believe in practicing environmentally-conscious practices."

Our in-house food and beverage team, Centerplate, is meeting our customer's needs in the following manner:

  • Swapping out all plastic water bottles for boxed waters
  • Ordering water coolers for reusable bottles
  • Ordering canned juices instead of bottled juices
  • Using plates and cutlery made of compostable materials

"It's our goal to drive innovation and oftentimes, it's our customers who help us to try new things," said San Diego Convention Center President & CEO Rip Rippetoe. "The San Diego Convention Center is proud to be LEED Gold certified facility, and sustainability is part of our DNA. From recycling 100 percent of our cardboard, to composting all food waste, our daily business model is one of reducing the carbon footprint of conventions. And our food and beverage team help us meet our sustainability goals by offering creative solutions to meeting planners."

"2003 was the first year I worked with Esri, and from day one, they have always been environmentally conscious in planning their conference," said Dorianne Mormann, Director of Catering for Centerplate. "They applauded our move to 100 percent compostable disposable service ware. They were using it before it was part of our options for customers."

Esri UC brings over 18,000 attendees from around the world to the San Diego Convention Center and San Diego region.

The conference is attended by location intelligence and GIS users who rely on Esri technology to make data-driven decisions, set legislation and policy at the state, local and federal levels of government, as well as use location-based strategies for education, real estate and even banking.

This technology is a crucial platform for organizations embracing spatial problem solving, decision making, and management. Location intelligence professionals are critical to making these systems successful. Their unique understanding of what’s needed, their knowledge in geospatial data and creating apps, supporting software and hardware infrastructure, and developing overall systems make those who apply spatial analytics highly strategic allies going forward. 

The weeklong conference includes amazing testimonials from users around the world:

  • Civil rights leader and activist, Dolores Huerta, will motivate others to action as she shares how the Dolores Huerta Foundation utilizes Esri technology to inspire and organize communities to build volunteer organizations empowered to pursue social justice.
  • New York Times best-selling authors James and Deborah Fallows will take conference attendees through their recent book Our Towns: A 100,000-Mile Journey into the Heart of America, which provides anecdotal stories about the challenges small-town America faces.
  • Felix Finkbeiner, a recent college graduate and recipient of the German Federal Cross of Merit, will detail his Trillion Trees Campaign—a commitment to the environment that has grown from planting 1 million trees to planting more than 15 billion trees in 190 countries under the guidance of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

The team at the San Diego Convention Center is excited to welcome Esri to San Diego for another successful UC. The energy these 18,000 attendees bring to our city is palpable, and we look forward to continuing this partnership for years to come.

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Posted by Barbara Moreno, on July 9, 2018
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