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Harbor Drive Closure Planned During Comic-Con

The San Diego Convention Center, the City of San Diego and the Port of San Diego have announced a new traffic route that creates a pedestrian-only experience during Comic-Con International 2018.

  • HARBOR DRIVE WILL BE CLOSED TO VEHICLE TRAFFIC (including bikes, scooters and skateboards) between First Avenue and Park Boulevard during Comic-Con, with the exception of shuttle buses and emergency vehicles. Cars will be screened at First Avenue and Park Boulevard.
  • ONLY BADGED MEMBERS (attendees of Comic-Con International 2018) may access the front drive, stairs and surrounding sidewalks of the San Diego Convention Center.
  • Please refer to these FAQs for answers to questions related to the closure.


Changes at the San Diego Convention Center - View PDF

Road Closures - View PDF

Shuttle Routes at the San Diego Convention Center - View PDF

There will still be access to the waterfront for pedestrians from the East via the Harbor Drive Pedestrian Bridge and to the West via the Marriott Plaza. The waterfront promenade that runs behind the Convention Center will also be open for public access.

"These new initiatives have been in the works since August 2017," said Clifford "Rip" Rippetoe, President & CEO of the San Diego Convention Center Corporation. "Our goal is to improve the safety and security of the event by allowing for more walking room and less vehicle traffic and clear access for emergency vehicles."

"This decision is a joint effort by the San Diego Convention Center, the City of San Diego, the Port of San Diego and the organizers of Comic-Con," said Josh Layne, Director of Public Safety. "These security and safety initiatives are designed to protect crowds and alleviate congestion issues in and around the Convention Center."

By closing Harbor Drive, shuttles will be allowed to load and unload passengers directly from the street.

Any exhibitor or attendee with a parking pass for the Ace Parking garage directly underneath the San Diego Convention Center will be allowed to drive through. All other drivers will be diverted away from the Convention Center.


Harbor Drive will be closed to traffic (including bikes, scooters and skateboards) on the following days and times:

  • WEDNESDAY, JULY 18 (3pm – 9pm)
  • THURSDAY, JULY 19 (7am – 9pm)
  • FRIDAY, JULY 20 (7am – 9pm)
  • SATURDAY, JULY 21 (7am – 9pm)
  • SUNDAY, JULY 22 (7am – 7pm)

Harbor Drive will reopen to traffic after the hours listed above.

There are maps designed to assist you in understanding how the road closures will work.

As part of the new initiatives, anyone who is not a badged member may not enter into the area. You will see signs that state that only badged members are allowed access. There will still be access to the waterfront for pedestrians via the Harbor Drive Pedestrian Bridge, along the sidewalk near the Hilton Bayfront.

Please refer to these FAQs for answers to questions related to the closure.

For questions regarding Comic-Con, contact If you have questions related to the street closures, contact Barbara Cosio Moreno at or 619-525-5253.

The San Diego Convention Center Corporation is a public benefit corporation created by the City of San Diego to exclusively manage, market and operate the 2.6 million sq. ft. waterfront facility. The San Diego Convention Center's purpose is to serve as the region’s premiere gathering place, hosting conventions, trade shows and community events that economically benefit the City of San Diego and advances our convention and tourism industry.

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Posted by Barbara Moreno, on June 19, 2018
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Thanks for the info - but for those of us that purchased Convention Center and/or Bayfront Hilton parking - How do we access the Convention Center and Hilton Bayfront Parking entrances and exits?

Barbara Moreno's picture

Hi Robert: To answer your question, as long as you have your proof of purchased parking, you can show that to Traffic Control Officers who will be screening at 1st Avenue and Park Blvd.

  • Hilton Parking pass holders should approach the Convention Center along the Harbor and Park Blvd. intersection.
  • Convention Center parking pass holders should enter along the 1st Avenue and Harbor Drive entrance. 

I have parking passes for the Grand Hyatt during San Diego Comic Con.
How do I access the hotel's parking with these closures?

Barbara Moreno's picture

The Grand Hyatt is not affected at all by this closure.

If you only have a badge for Thursday and Sunday can you still access the badge member only areas outside on the other days? Is it just as long as you have a badge regardless of which days its for? Family has days that I don't.

Barbara Moreno's picture

Screeners will be looking for badges. I'm not sure if they will consider excluding attendees based on days.

I am local and will be attending the Con... I always ride my bike in (not dockless!) where can I park it this year so it will be secure?

Barbara Moreno's picture

Hi there. The City of San Diego has a map that shows where all available bike parking is in the city. There will not be any bike parking on the Convention Center front drive, due to the closure of the streets. Here is the link to the map:


Good afternoon Barbara,
we (family) will be attending comic con on Thursday and Friday next week, but have not purchased a parking pass. Can we still park in the convention center lot/structure? how does this work? thank you for your time and help.

Barbara Moreno's picture

All parking is sold out. We highly recommend taking public transportation to the Convention Center. There is a trolley stop across the street.

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