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From the CEO: The Impact of Your Convention Center

As the CEO of your San Diego Convention Center, it's my goal to be as open and transparent about what we do, our role in the regional economy, as well as our plans for the future.

What do we do? You may have heard me say this but if not, I like to describe what we do like this: Each week, we facilitate the building of a small city for the most important week of an organization’s life. Like a small city, it has a population, public safety, power, water and food and beverages. When it's over, we tear it down and start building the next small city, and we do that over and over and over again!

The San Diego Convention Center has shows booked into the summer of 2035. We start talking to customers eight to 10 years out, assuming they can fit into the facility. Many of these decisions we make today, I’ll never see through to fruition. But our sales, operations, communications and engineering teams are moving the needle forward as a key part of the San Diego region's economic engine. We are building the future.

So why do planners choose San Diego? We are the land of culture and excitement. We’re a destination that really can't be beat. Our international airport is close, we offer walkability to hotels, great restaurants combined with amazing attractions to entice family attendance. Plus we're located right along the water and of course, there’s the weather.

The added benefit to San Diego is what we call the "ripple effect" of economic spending that results from visitors spending their money in our restaurants, at our world-famous attractions, hotels and of course on transportation. This November, we will celebrate our 29th year in operation.

I recently had the chance to talk conventions as a guest on BisTalk Radio. I invite you to listen.


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Posted by Barbara Moreno, on May 16, 2018

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