VIDEO: Vice Chair Gil Cabrera Talks New Chairs and Convention Center Upgrades

The San Diego Convention Center is in the middle of the largest series of upgrades in our nearly 28-year history.

Eight of the major projects were funded by a $25.5 million loan from the California Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank (IBank) in December 2016.

Some IBank-funded projects include:

  • Replacing 106,000 square feet of concrete floor in our Sails Pavilion.
  • Replacing cooling towers and rooftop chillers.
  • Chiller tie-in to connect the building's heating and cooling systems.

This August, we begin the process of replacing the Sails Pavilion's fabric roof with an estimated completion time of January 2018.

Additional projects paid for out of the Corporation's reserves:

  • New LED light fixtures in the entire exhibit hall.
  • Three restroom renovations inside the exhibit halls A through C.
  • Replacing the ceiling of the Upper Level and Mezzanine.

Additionally, the Corporation's Board of Directors approved the recent purchase of 10,000 new folding chairs and another 12,000 stacking chairs are arriving this Fall.

Watch Vice Chair Gil Cabrera show off our new chairs and other highlights leading up to this year's Comic-Con International.

We also invite you to take a look at the various projects underway and already completed here at the convention center. View our Capital Improvement Projects section here.


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Posted by Alec Church, on June 26, 2017
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