Convention Catering: Customized Menus Crafted for American Diabetes Association

At the American Diabetes Association's (ADA) 77th Annual Scientific Sessions, held at the San Diego Convention Center from June 9 to June 13, our in-house catering team Centerplate created specialized cuisine for the staff of the event.

ADA is a scientific meeting focused on diabetes research. Naturally, they also have some unique food and beverage requirements that our catering team was able to meet.

"The American Diabetes Association supports a healthy lifestyle, which includes eating nutritious foods," said Jennifer Richards, Director, Convention Operations for ADA. "Each year, as we prepare for our annual Scientific Sessions, we work with convention center catering staff to select recipes from ADA cookbooks for the meals that will be served to staff/press who are working at the meeting."

Pastry Chef Matthew Haven and his team made desserts for this event and ensured they met ADA's specifications while maintaining the quality and taste that our customers expect. Instead of purchasing premade desserts, our team prepares almost all of our desserts in-house.

"Every now and then, clients will give us a special request recipe," said Chef Matthew. "But rarely will we get such a large amount of custom recipes. This can be tricky for pastries specifically, because translating a recipe for one dozen to around 40 dozen requires exact math and precise measurements."

One example of the customization for ADA was their lemon raspberry cupcakes recipe. The whipped cream is sugar-free, and instead of using powdered sugar, our team used ground-up sweetener. They're baked in the morning, plated by 9am, transported to the East Kitchen before 10am, and then brought to the final destination for a luncheon at 11am.

This was just one food order in one luncheon. Chef Matthew's team also made scones, oatmeal muffins, blueberry yogurt lemon bars and more over the course of five days.

"It's an enormous amount of orders, and we don't normally carry some of these ingredients," said Chef Matthew. "We had to bring over 25 special ingredients for this show, and our purchasing department worked hard to bring in sugar-free or fat-free versions."

"We gave our chef's 34 custom recipes for this event," said Bobby Ramirez, General Manager of Centerplate. "They also adapted 14 other items from our standard menu to be ADA-friendly. In total, we customized 48 items for our client, and we're very proud to do so with such a large-scale production."

This event was an opportunity for our team to exercise their culinary skills and implement healthy ingredients with delicious meals.

Some more examples of custom recipes from ADA's cookbooks include:

  • Roasted Vegetable & Tomato Souffle
  • Whole Wheat Manicotti w/ Mozzarella & Sun-dried Spinach
  • Pan-Fried Cod w/ Mango-Lime Salsa

Our award-winning catering staff at the San Diego Convention Center is proud to offer customizable menu items to help ensure an outstanding experience for our customers.



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Posted by Alec Church, on June 13, 2017
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