TwitchCon in Timelapse

The San Diego Convention Center was thrilled to welcome a first-time event: TwitchCon 2016. The event, from September 30 to October 2, 2016, brought an estimated 41,000 people to our convention center according to Twitch. The second annual event generated an estimated $3.9 million in regional impact.

Twitch is a live streaming platform that has ranked 4th in highest internet traffic in the U.S., ahead of websites like Facebook and Hulu. With upwards of 1.7 million unique viewers per month, Twitch has a passionate and engaged fan-base. And did they stream!

"During Twitchcon's peak Data Network Usage, a total of 650 megabits per second (mbps) of digital content was being downloaded simultaneously," explained Sterling Oakland, General Manager of our in-house technology partner Smart City Networks. "To put that into perspective, at the time of peak download, a full length feature 4.7 Gigabyte DVD could be downloaded into the San Diego Convention Center in one minute and five seconds. This network traffic was comprised of 12 dedicated production networks, 9 wireless networks, 32 dedicated exhibitor networks, and several shared service networks."

Here are some more fun facts digitally speaking:

  • With downloads at 650 mbps, that's enough bandwidth to power 433 Netflix streams at standard quality;
  • Or you could power 6,770 Spotify streams at regular quality.
  • TwitchCon was also uploading 600 Skype video calls worth of data through our network at peak upload times.

Even more impressive, we captured the building of the TwitchCon exhibit hall in timelapse. It's an example of how the San Diego Convention Center works with our clients and contractors to build small cities inside our exhibit halls. Check out the video!

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Posted by Barbara Moreno, on October 13, 2016
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I attended TwitchCon 2016 and wanted to say how impressed I was with all the convention center staff I encountered. Unfailingly polite, amazingly efficient and truly pleasant toward me as a first-time, somewhat confused visitor, they really deserve recognition for helping my experience of the event and the venue be something I want to repeat. If there is any way you could convey my thanks to the people who worked the event, especially the entry point security, please do.

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Thank you for taking the time to let us know about your experience. We are so happy you had a wonderful time with us during TwitchCon. Hope you will join us again!

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