March Means Medical Meetings for San Diego Convention Center

2015 is a banner year for medical meetings at the San Diego Convention Center. March kicks off a busy month, as the convention center hosts four citywide medical conventions, bringing an estimated 42,000 out-of-towners (including a large amount of international visitors) to the region.

These meetings include:

A total of 16 medical meetings this calendar year are estimated to generate $421 million in regional impact* and $8.5 million in tax revenues.

Medical Meetings Summary

These out-of-town visitors spend significant sums of money while they are in San Diego. The infographic below details where they spent their money in fiscal year 2014: direct attendee spending that equated to $249 million.

Why does this matter if you live in San Diego? Those revenues help reduce the tax burden on residents and help the City of San Diego pay for services, including:

  • Police and fire protection
  • Libraries and parks
  • Beach maintenance
  • Street Maintenance

The health care and medical meetings market is highly competitive for several reasons in the convention and meeting industry for the following reasons:

  • They perform well, even in economic downturns.
  • They have larger budgets and attract attendees with more disposable income.
  • Their attendees are more likely to bring their families and stay for a longer vacation.

In 2014, the American Association for Cancer Research reached their largest attendance ever, at 18,500 attendees. Margaret Foti, Ph.D, M.D., the Chief Operating Officer of AACR, credits the destination in many ways.

“San Diego as a city is a very desirable place to hold a scientific meeting,” she said. “There’s a hot bed of science locally. But it’s also a walkable city, with great restaurants nearby. The center itself is amenable to a very large meeting and it also has expandability.”

San Diego remains a top meeting and convention destination because it offers a world-class facility surrounded by more than 11,000 high-quality hotel rooms within the downtown area. Our center’s close proximity to the San Diego International Airport, and nearby family-friendly attractions, also helps draw in attendees.

*Regional impact is the total value of an event to the local economy including direct and indirect spending

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Posted by Barbara Moreno, on March 4, 2015
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