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SURVEY SAYS: A Contiguous Exhibit Hall Expansion is Critical for San Diego Convention Center Clients

In a recent survey conducted by Red 7 Media Research and Consulting, meeting planners demonstrated just how important a contiguous exhibit hall is for the San Diego Convention Center Expansion project. Of the 129 convention, exhibition and conference producers surveyed, 64 were San Diego Convention Center clients and key prospects. An overwhelming 98% of the clients/prospects surveyed stated that it is “extremely important/critical” or “very important” to their organization to have a contiguous exhibit hall in a single venue complex and 94% said that having contiguous halls within a single convention center building is an "absolutely critical, must have element" when booking.

When asked if they were likely to select a host city if the primary convention center is not a single facility with contiguous exhibit halls, 89% of SDCC clients/prospects answered that they were not likely to. Ninety five percent said that they would absolutely not book two venues that are six city blocks apart.

“Our clients have told us repeatedly that a contiguous exhibit hall under one roof is critical to their success,“ said Carol Wallace, president and CEO of the San Diego Convention Center Corporation. “The current expansion plans will meet the needs of our clients well into the future and ensure we can build on the success of this facility.”

See What Meeting Planners Are Saying About Contiguous Exhibit Space

"Our top criteria for selecting a venue for our event is contiguous space. We do not consider venues that do not have this."
"We can’t fit in San Diego without the expansion. We tried two halls in other cities and the feedback was bad from attendees and exhibitors. We need 750,000 square feet of all one level, all one hall contiguous space. It is a deal breaker for us."

-Survey participants

This Thursday, October 10, 2013, current expansion plans, which include the creation of the largest contiguous exhibit hall on the West Coast, will go before the California Coastal Commission for approval. A major milestone in the project’s progression and the conclusion of a year-long review process, coastal's approval is the last major permitting requirement needed before the project's anticipated groundbreaking next year.

Posted by Marit, on October 8, 2013
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